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Calling Only Fools and Horses Fans - New Book Coming Soon!

If you are a fan of Only Fools and Horses, I've got some cushty news for you! Seven years after the release of Trotter Trivia: The Only Fools and Horses Quiz Book , a sequel is on the way! Currently scheduled to be available early in the New Year,  Trotter Trivia Part Deux  will once again test your Only Fools knowledge to the limit with some taxing quiz questions. Along with the quiz section, Trotter Trivia Part Deux  will also take you behind the scenes with a selection of stories, facts and top ten lists about the show. I'll keep you updated with news about the book right here and on my Twitter and Facebook pages. Keep a look out for Trotter Trivia Part Deux , coming to a three-wheeled van near you in 2020! Remember, you can get hold of all of my books on Amazon and also from right here on my website.

Favourite Five - Children's TV Shows

As the title suggests, here are my personal favourite children's television shows of all-time. As I grew up during the seventies, it should come as no surprise that each of my five choices all originated in that decade, an era that I refer to as the Golden Age of Children's Television.   One of the main reasons that so many of the children's television shows from the seventies have attained classic status, and are still so loved today by the people who watched them first time around, is that they were all warm and gentle. They were slower paced than much of today's output, which allowed us kids time to become completely enthralled by the stories unfolding before our eyes. As we laughed along with and cheered for our favourite characters, we learnt important lessons about friendship, caring and sharing which would help us to grow up into responsible adults. I think that's why many of us retain such fondness for the likes of Bagpuss, Paddington and other charac

Why I Love Only Fools and Horses

As well as being the most watched British sitcom of all-time, Only Fools and Horses must also be the most beloved. Only a select few television shows can be afforded the lofty status of national treasure and Only Fools and Horses is most definitely one of them. Much has been written about Only Fools over the years, so I'd thought I'd give more of a personal take here by sharing some of my own memories of watching this most legendary of comedy series and how it has influenced part of my life. If my memory serves me correctly, the very first episode of Only Fools and Horses I ever saw was the series two classic The Yellow Peril , first broadcast on Thursday 8 November 1982. In order to make use of a job lot of stolen paint purchased from Trigger, Del persuades the owner of a local Chinese takeaway to have his kitchen repainted and leaves Rodney and Grandad to do all of the work. After finding out from Trigger that the paint is used for signs in railway tunnels and

Remembering The Young Ones

I think I may have made a number of people feel old this week. On my Twitter and Facebook pages I put up a post celebrating The Young Ones on the 35th anniversary of the show's final episode being broadcast on BBC2. Yes, that's right - thirty-five years! On 19 June 1984, in the episode Summer Holiday , our anarchic heroes drove a bus over the edge of a cliff. After we all breathed a sigh of relief when it seemed the boys had survived, the bus exploded and Britain's favourite students were gone forever. Loud, colourful and right in your face, The Young Ones ripped up the television comedy rule book in gloriously anarchic fashion. Fast-paced, often surreal and employing a cartoon-style of slapstick violence, The Young Ones was a TV tornado the like of which we had never seen before. Making huge stars of Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer, names which were previously only really known to followers of the alternative comedy scene, The Young Ones became the de

The Stu Review - David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Two episodes in and I am firmly hooked on David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A Gold Channel production, this interesting travelogue has an original premise and an endearing host who exhibits all of the thoroughly likeable qualities that elevated him to national treasure status many years ago. Over five episodes, beloved TV icon Sir David Jason is taking a trip down the West Coast of the USA, from Seattle, Washington to his final destination of Los Angeles in California, where the actor makes a nice quip about Del Boy finally making it to Hollywood . Along the way, he gets the opportunity to ride in a wide variety of fascinating vehicles, from vintage automobiles dating back to the turn of the 20th century and classic cars of the rock and roll era to iconic American trucks, steam trains, helicopters and a number of historic planes. The vehicular aspect of the show will obviously appeal to viewers with a liking for all things mechanical, while the stunning scenery which ty

Memories of Bagpuss - An Extract from Proper Telly

Incredibly, that wonderful saggy cloth cat Bagpuss is 45 years old today. One of the greatest and most fondly remembered children's television shows of all-time, Bagpuss was first broadcast on February 12 1974. To mark the occasion, here is an extract from my book Proper Telly  in which I recall my own personal memories of this most laid-back of cloth cats. Let's set the scene first and get those warm nostalgic memories flooding back by watching the classic intro to Bagpuss. Memories of Bagpuss - from Proper Telly by Stuart Ball There have been a number of polls conducted over the years on the subject of the nation’s favourite kids TV show. In the vast majority of these polls Bagpuss is invariably ranked in the top five and in many cases occupies the very top spot. The series is richly deserving of that lofty position too, especially when you consider it attained such iconic status in the space of a mere thirteen episodes. Unlike its contemporaries Mr