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A Right Carry On in 2016

I think most of you would agree that 2016 has been rather a tumultuous year one way or another. It seems that not a day has passed without news of another beloved celebrity passing away. Throw Brexit and Donald Trump into the mix and you have all the ingredients for a rather sour-tasting end of year banquet.

Despite a couple of heartaches, 2016 has actually been rather a good year for me. Here are some of my personal highlights.

Life with Sid James
April 2016 marked the fortieth anniversary of the death of one of the nation's favourite comedy stars, Sid James. As Sid is my comedy hero, I wanted to mark the occasion with something special for my Sid's Place blog, so I was absolutely thrilled when Sid's son, Steve James, agreed to be interviewed about life with his famous dad.
Steve couldn't be more obliging and was an absolute delight to chat with. He shared some wonderfully memories of his dad, many of which you can read at Sid's Place here Sid's Place Welcomes…