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Now That Was a Seventies Board Game

I've gone back to my childhood over the past few weeks. What a fun journey it's been too. Nostalgic memories of  a time when the most difficult decision you had to make was which of the cereals in the Kellogg's Variety pack to eat for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Well, that and the tough choice between watching Multi-Coloured Swap Shop on BBC or Tiswas on ITV anyway.

Initially, the reason for this retro rewind was to research the book I am currently writing, which happens to be all about the pop culture of the seventies and eighties. During the writing of Proper Telly however, I have become utterly absorbed in the nostalgia of those times, which is why this blog is now dedicated to 70's/8o's culture, hence the site name change to The Retro Writer.

Never Bored with a Board Game One of the great things about being a kid in the seventies was the great variety of toys and games available. In addition to my Action Man collection and my treasured Evel Knievel Stunt Bi…