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Proper Telly Legends Lost in 2018

As we count down the hours to the start of yet another New Year, I'd just like to take a moment to remember some of the great names from the world of film and television that have passed away during 2018. Many wonderfully talented people who reached the height of their fame during the Proper Telly era of the seventies and eighties are no longer with us.

Dame June Whitfield

Just two days ago on December 28, we said goodbye to a lady who truly deserved her status as a national treasure. For well over sixty years, June Whitfield entertained the nation with wonderful performances in scores of television, film and stage productions. She starred alongside some of the biggest names in British comedy, such as Tony Hancock, Frankie Howerd, Dick Emery and Peter Sellers, becoming a legend herself in the process. For many of us, including myself, June will be most fondly remembered for her long-running screen partnership with the great Terry Scott, first in the sitcom Happy Ever After from 19…

Proper Telly Favourites

To celebrate the recent release of the book Proper Telly and to pay tribute to the many legendary television stars of the seventies and eighties who made the writing of the book possible, I thought it would be a nice idea to find out who your favourite stars are from the Proper Telly era.

Proper Telly Favourites is open to all of the wonderful stars from the Golden Age of British Television who still retain a place in the hearts and minds of those of us who were lucky enough to be around during those heady days of glorious British telly. All programme genres will be included, from sitcoms and variety shows to news and sport, drama and documentary to children's TV.

Each month on my Twitter page, there will be a Proper Telly Favourites Tournament poll to determine your favourite seventies/eighties star in each of the different genres. The winner will then receive a full written tribute here on the Proper Telly site. I'd love to include many of your comments in those tributes too…

Talking Proper Telly on Talk Radio

On Friday 21st December, I was thrilled to be a guest on the Late Late Early Early Show with the great Paul Ross on Talk Radio.

Our telephone chat took in classic British telly, the good old days when Quality Street came in proper big tins at Christmas and, of course, my book Proper Telly.

You can listen to our chat below