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The Stu Review - David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Two episodes in and I am firmly hooked on David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A Gold Channel production, this interesting travelogue has an original premise and an endearing host who exhibits all of the thoroughly likeable qualities that elevated him to national treasure status many years ago.

Over five episodes, beloved TV icon Sir David Jason is taking a trip down the West Coast of the USA, from Seattle, Washington to his final destination of Los Angeles in California, where the actor makes a nice quip about Del Boy finally making it to Hollywood . Along the way, he gets the opportunity to ride in a wide variety of fascinating vehicles, from vintage automobiles dating back to the turn of the 20th century and classic cars of the rock and roll era to iconic American trucks, steam trains, helicopters and a number of historic planes. The vehicular aspect of the show will obviously appeal to viewers with a liking for all things mechanical, while the stunning scenery which typifi…

Memories of Bagpuss - An Extract from Proper Telly

Incredibly, that wonderful saggy cloth cat Bagpuss is 45 years old today. One of the greatest and most fondly remembered children's television shows of all-time, Bagpuss was first broadcast on February 12 1974.

To mark the occasion, here is an extract from my book Proper Telly in which I recall my own personal memories of this most laid-back of cloth cats.

Let's set the scene first and get those warm nostalgic memories flooding back by watching the classic intro to Bagpuss.

Memories of Bagpuss - from Proper Telly by Stuart Ball There have been a number of polls conducted over the years on the subject of the nation’s favourite kids TV show. In the vast majority of these polls Bagpuss is invariably ranked in the top five and in many cases occupies the very top spot. The series is richly deserving of that lofty position too, especially when you consider it attained such iconic status in the space of a mere thirteen episodes.
Unlike its contemporaries Mr Men and Paddington, the na…

Talking A Question of Carry On - BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester

Here is a very enjoyable interview I had on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester in August 2017 while promoting my book A Question of Carry On. As well as chatting about my love for the Carry On films, I also got the opportunity to present my top five pieces of Carry On trivia!

A Tribute to Windsor Davies

Like June Whitfield, who passed away in December, Windsor Davies was one of those stars that you thought would be around forever. Although he retired from acting and the public eye back in 2004, Windsor Davies was never forgotten in that time, thanks to the impact his most famous roles had on the viewing public..

Alongside the likes of Tom Jones and Max Boyce, Windsor Davies was one of the most famous Welsh stars of his day. That deep, resonant voice, made all the more distinctive by the strong Welsh accent, became a much-loved trademark. There was no doubting it was Windsor when hearing those glorious tones. It is therefore all the more surprising when you consider that this icon of Welsh entertainment was actually born in Canning Town, London in 1930 - albeit to a Welsh family.

In 1939, young Windsor returned with his family to the South Wales village of Nantymoel, the place of his father's birth. After leaving school, he worked as a miner before doing his National Service in No…

Proper Telly Favourites - Why We Love Ronnie Barker

The love and affection which the nation holds in its heart for a certain Ronald William George Barker is still as strong as ever and shows no signs of diminishing. Indeed, it could be said that Ronnie Barker is the most beloved British television star of all-time.

In a recent poll on Twitter , featuring 32 of the greatest, most loved TV comedy personalities, you voted Ronnie B as your Proper Telly Favourite Sitcom Star of the 70s & 80s. Before the poll started, I promised that the winner would be the subject of a tribute piece here on Proper Telly and this is that loving tribute.

A Tribute to Ronnie Barker from All of Us Originally this article was going to be a combination of career retrospective and personal memories of the national treasure that is Ronnie Barker. By the way, I say national treasure in the present tense because, despite it being over thirteen years since Ronnie's passing, we still love him as much as ever and he continues to entertain us to this very day. In…